8 things you should not transport through a courier service

If you opt to use a same-day courier service, it’s essential that you know what cannot be shipped. Maintaining such understanding is equally important to maintain the safety of the items being transported and those handling them. This is necessary to protect the material and those who deal with it.

Let’s explore eight things you should avoid when using a courier service, especially a same-day one.

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  1. Hazardous Materials

Explosives, flammable gases, and toxic substances are sometimes dangerous to ship. Courier services strictly avoid handling these items. Why? Because they can be super hazardous during shipping, putting the shipment and the folks running it at risk.

  1. Illegal Substances

Anything illegal to have or share, like illicit drugs, shouldn’t be sent through a courier service. It’s against the law and messes with the whole shipping process’s honesty.

  1. Perishable Goods

Courier services could be better for things that go bad quickly, like fresh food, plants, or live animals. These items need extra special care that regular courier services might not provide.

  1. Fragile Items

If you’ve got something super delicate or fragile, like glassware or fine art, it is better to trust a courier service. These things can easily break during shipping and might need special handling that normal couriers can’t give.

  1. Valuables

Valuables like cash, jewelry, and precious metals usually are covered by something other than insurance when sent through a courier service. It’s smarter to find different ways to send these high-value items.

  1. Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons, explosives, or bullets are strictly prohibited through a standard courier service. I. Safety and legal rules say no. If you need to ship these, you must use a particular carrier. These items are a big red flag for couriers because they can cause serious harm. Some might even be against legal regulations.

  1. Harmful Chemicals

If you’ve got chemicals that can hurt people or the environment, like corrosives or radioactive stuff, regular courier services won’t take them. They’re a hazard, and couriers won’t risk it. If you need to ship such harmful chemicals, you’ll need to explore alternative methods. You can look at specialized carriers with the expertise and equipment to handle these materials.

  1. Oversized or Overweight Items

Courier services have limits on how big and heavy the things they carry can be. If you’re dealing with something massive or super rich, you might need a special kind of shipping that regular couriers can’t handle. These can be like furniture or machinery, and they’re likely beyond the capabilities of a standard courier service. These items often need special handling and transportation methods beyond what a typical courier can offer. You may need to seek freight or specialized shipping services in such cases. These might be better equipped to handle the logistics of moving large or heavy items.


To keep the shipping process safe and smooth, avoid sending hazardous Items. Some others are illegal, perishable, fragile, valuable, or oversized items. Always double-check with your courier service to know exactly what you can and cannot ship. Remember that courier services, while excellent for many shipping needs, have limitations. They prioritize safety, legality, and practicality.