A marketing campaign is a coordinated effort to market your products or services to a targeted audience. It usually involves a variety of media channels such as paid search, display ads, or social media. Depending on your budget and target audience, you may choose to work with only one or more of these types of channels. But before you begin planning, take a look at some of the more nifty examples of how brands are leveraging the best of each.

To find the best marketing campaign for your business, you need to identify your product or service, as well as your target audience. From there, you can start brainstorming creative ways to promote it. While it’s not as easy as it sounds, it’s definitely worth the time. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these 21 examples of how brands are using the best of social media, mobile, and other online marketing technologies to drive sales and build brand awareness.

You can’t have a campaign without a metric to measure its progress. This means that you’ll want to consider metrics for everything from cost per click to number of new contacts. For instance, it’s a good idea to know how many people you can reach with an email campaign. Similarly, you’ll want to see how many new followers you can acquire via social media. Using tools such as Looker and Google Analytics can give you a good idea of the volume of your campaign.

The “Evolution” video by Volkswagen is a heartwarming example of how a company uses a simple concept to connect with their audience. The campaign’s name is a nod to the classic VW Beetle. With a video and an accompanying hashtag, the company created a way to connect with viewers of all ages.

The Gillette ad is another great example of a marketing campaign. The ad encourages men to fight for what they think is right. In the ad, you’ll notice that the brand uses the “MeToo” movement to get its point across.

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign is a great example of how a tech company can use social media to connect with consumers. The brand launched its first Instagram account in 2017, and it’s been taking the social media world by storm. Using a combination of user-generated content and official TV advertisements, the company is creating a community of people who are enamored with its new smartphone.

GEICO is also a fine example of how a multi-channel campaign can work wonders for your business. The company started in early February with a video that shows its CEO’s experience on the Shark Tank. Not only is it impressive that GEICO can get the attention of such a large audience, but the campaign also delivers on its promise to show its customers a glimpse of their journey.

Another excellent example of a social media marketing campaign is the Portlanders. The city of Portland, Oregon has a unique culture and this campaign shows how a group of locals have managed to leverage the best of their city to create a viral video.