What is the best way to take HCG drops?

HCG can be one of the options you might like to boost calorie burning for weight loss. This is a great option if you want more rapid results. This weight loss option also works with most standard calorie reduction diet programs. Here are simple ways to take HCG drops according to the HCG diet Phoenix.

take HCG drops

The best way to use HCG Drops 

The sublingual method is the most commonly adopted when using HCG drops. This involves holding the drops under one’s tongue and waiting for a while before swallowing.

How Often to Take HCG Drops

Most experts say taking HCG twice a day is good. Some experts also advise to take up to three times. The number of days a week or the number of times to take it depends on the advice from a health provider. Together with the diet, this increases its effectiveness in the body.

Before or After Meals

You can take HCG drops before or after meals. Just make sure You take it some time before or after the meals. Take them 15-30 minutes before or after meals. This prevents the food from interfering with HCG.

How to Take HCG Drops

Time of Day

You can take HCG drops at any time. But it’s wise to pick a time and stick with it so the drops work well. Consult a health professional to get the best time that works for you. They can help you determine the most effective time for you. 

For HCG Drops to work well, some suggest taking them in the morning. This aligns with the body’s natural hormone production. Think of it like waking up your body with a boost. Taking HCG in the morning is like giving your body what it needs at the start of the day, just like breakfast.

Talk to a Doctor

Talk to a doctor before losing weight, especially with HCG drops. They know a lot about health. They can give you advice based on your health history. This helps you determine whether using drops is a good idea. Doctors are like health guides, so listening to what they say is essential.

They can also recommend the best time to take HCG Drops. This should be according to your body’s needs to ensure its effectiveness. 

Eat Less Calories

The HCG diet uses the hormone known as HCG, which works to lessen appetite.

This diet means taking as little as 500 per day, for the HCG drops up to three times per day. The diet has different phases, and during the weight loss phase, HCG is used while keeping the calorie intake low. 

This help you feel full and allow up to 800 calories daily, giving some flexibility in food choices compared to HCG injections.


We covered talking to a doctor, eating fewer calories and the best ways to take it. Being patient and realistic is also crucial. Using HCG for weight loss requires careful thought, and having a doctor guide you through the process is the intelligent way.