A good set of gardening tools can make a huge difference to the quality of your garden. The right tools will help you get the job done in less time and with less strain on your hands and back. There are a wide variety of options available to fit every budget and style. You can find many of these products at a hardware store or garden center. If you don’t know where to begin, there are several online suppliers that sell the tools you need.

Trowels are great for moving soil and planting seed. They’re also useful for mixing fertilizer and breaking up tough weeds. Choose a trowel with a sturdy blade and a comfortable handle. Make sure you buy a stainless steel blade, because metal is less likely to rust.

Garden shears are another type of tool you’ll need. These are used to cut small branches, such as the leaves of a tree, as well as remove unwanted plants. Cheap garden shears aren’t as sharp and can easily disfigure thick branches. Pruning shears are often called secateurs, and can be used to trim flowers, plants, and hedges. Loppers are long-handled pruning shears that can reach into difficult areas.

Spades are another important tool for digging. They can dig into the soil, move soil, and even pull weeds out of their roots. Most spades have a rectangular blade and a perpendicular “D” handle. They’re great for moving dirt out of a wheelbarrow, and they can be used for digging in confined spaces, such as under shrubs.

Wheelbarrows can be used for hauling soil, mulch, and weeds, but they’re less stable than yard carts. They’re great for smaller gardens, but they’re more difficult to maneuver in large yards.

Garden forks are also great for turning the soil. They’re made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and have forged tines for extra strength. Their handles can be short or long, and they come in a variety of configurations. Some have a handle that’s shaped like a fork, while others have nails that resemble forks.

Garden rakes are a great way to get rid of surface debris. You can choose a large rake, or you can go with a small, lightweight plastic rake. Hand rakes are excellent for removing surface detritus, while bow rakes are a better choice for spreading loose material. Bow rakes are sturdier than leaf rakes, so they’re best for leveling soil.

Hoes can be used for planting, leveling, and smoothing surfaces. The blade should be sharp and flat, and the hoe should be wide enough to move the dirt. It should be strong enough to break up dense soil and firmly level out plants.

You should also invest in a watering can. Having one with a large capacity will ensure your plants are getting the water they need. It should be easy to carry once full, and the spout should be removable so you can easily fill it.

Finally, it’s important to have the proper garden hoses to keep your plants properly watered. There are various types of hoses, including soaker hoses that can be set on the ground to water plants.